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Our Coaches

Our coaches here at Crossfit Berwick come from very diverse backgrounds. Each brings a very unique method in reaching out to each athlete in the gym. The most important and common characteristic that they all share is a drive and passion to see each individual in the gym grow and succeced in their personal goals they have set for themselves. They guide us on the path to personal success in our workouts and keep us true to our ablities with patience and care.

"It's a fun little burner"


My History:


2010 - Started doing CrossFit Personally for my own training

August 2012 - Started working out with a group of people at our old high school track

December 2012 - Moved inside to a semi-permanant building

March 2013 - Became a CrossFit affiliate

July 1, 2013 - Moved into our own Building


Mike Coffman

Owner & Lead Coach

Level 1 & Level 2

Crossfit Coach

Truthfully, I only started CrossFit to impress what I was hoping would be my future husband one day. He was into it, had me try it, so I thought I'd show him my "abilities".  I was humbled quickly. Then I realized I was really enjoying these workouts and they were I was hooked. Best part was, it worked! I was in the best shape I ever have been, and yep, I must of impressed him in some way, bc here we are years later, happily married, 5 kids, and the best athletes at our box that we could ask for!


I love working with beginning athletes. It's so awesome to see how what we offer and the hard work they put into it improves their lives. The relationships that develop here are so rewarding, and I feel beyond blessed to be doing what we do. I'm so excited to see where God takes us!

Krista Coffman

Owner & Crossfit Coach

Level 1 Certified Coach


I started doing CrossFit back in December 2013 at CrossFit Bloomsburg. Before that, I played high school baseball but had very little knowledge of what to do in the gym. CrossFit has made a huge impact in my life and I found out quickly I wanted to learn more. So in 2015, I decided to attend the level one seminar to further my interest and learning. 

I started coming to CrossFit Berwick full time back in the Fall 2017. Before that, I met Mike while he helped coach at CrossFit Bloomsburg a few times a week. I also got to know a large amount of the current members while going to Saturday classes back at the garage.

The best part of coaching is seeing progress in both new and long time members. New members because of the shock they have when they achieve something they never thought possible. And for the athletes that have been there a while, making that one little tweak in form to PR a lift is always awesome to see.



Collin Hoyes

Crossfit Level 1 Coach


My name is Ryan Farley. I have been Crossfitting since December of 2015. Prior to Crossfit I lived a very unhealthy life, eating lots of processed food, drinking too much and not excersizing.  Realizing that I needed a change in my life, I had heard of Crossfit from a friend and decided to jump headfirst into it and I never looked back. 

My favorite things about Crossfit are that i get to challenge myself everyday and that the Crossfit Berwick community is so supportive to everyone that walks in the door. It’s really like a family. As a trainer getting to help people realize that they are capable of much more than they think are is the most rewarding part of the job. 


Ryan Farley

Crossfit Level 1 Coach


 Hi, my name is Luke Betley and I am a man of faith. I was first introduced to CrossFit by my brother Jared back in September 2013. I have not looked back since and have been a member of CrossFit Berwick since October 2014.

I believe everyone has potential and a God given purpose and mine is too help others in any way I can. CrossFit Berwick is a TRUE family that has helped me in a plethora of different ways but just know that when you choose to come workout with will be one of the best decisions of your life!

As a trainer it is not only the physical aspects that I invest in, it is the relationships. I am grateful for the opportunity to invest in different individuals through all I do. For me, relationship building is what it is all about. and I guess having a good Fran time and heavy back squat is a plus as well God bless and always stay on the straight and narrow!


Luke Betley
Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Certified

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