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  Welcome to CrossFit Berwick


We are a strength & conditioning program that uses functional movements. We do small group training, class sizes of apprx. 5-15ppl with Individual Personal Training available.  All workouts are modifiable to meet you where you are at in your fitness level.  Call to schedule your first class!


Helping you find a new level of fitness through specific and guided exercises is our passion.  Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to seeing you at the box! 


   MONDAY      | 6AM| 9AM    | 4:30PM | 6PM |

   TUESDAY      | 5:30AM | 9:00 AM  |

                      | 4:30PM | 6PM |

   WEDNESDAY | 6AM| 9AM | 4:30PM | 6PM |
    THURSDAY   | 5:30AM | 9:00 AM |

                       |4:30PM | 6PM |
   FRIDAY         | 9AM    | 5:00PM |
   SATURDAY    | 8:30AM | 

        OPEN GYM  Friday 12 to 1pm (unlimited          memberships only)

Crossfit Kids

Thursdays. 6pm (PAUSED UNTIL APRIL)

Contact Us

Street: 7474 Columbia Boulevard Berwick


Ph: 570-204-0567


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